Classic Jaguar Upgrades


Classic & Modern upgrades for your Jaguar

Today Classic Jaguar have the advantage of many Upgrades we can transform certain aspects of your vehicle to give you a enhanced driving experience. From improved brake systems, electric power steering, suspension upgrades, air-conditioning, gearboxes both manual and automatic. With todays technology there are many options to choose from that will transform and improve the driving ability of your Classic or Jaguar. For further information please contact us via telephone or to drop us an email Click here

Z4HP22 4 Speed Automatic Conversions For 6 Cylinder Models
The advatage of theis kit it that you are using a 4 speed automatic of a more mofern design where 4th gear is an overdrive and the converter of a 'lock-up' type. This makes the car much more enjoyable to dirve, improves fuel economy and enables the car to cruise on the motorway at lower engine revs. For further information please contact us.

Better lighting for your Classic Jaguar with new LED Bulb's

Axel Restoration

These LED bulbs are a simple, quick and direct replacement for your older style standard bulbs. They have the additional benefit of reducing your power consumption to a much lower level. This will help to save your older wiring.These bulbs typically last up to 50,000 hours and are vibration resistant so you won’t have to worry about having to replace them again anytime soon. Suitable for many other classic cars or applications that have the standard BA15S P21W fitting.



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