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At Jaguar Warehouse, our specialists are using technology to fully cater for efficient repairs and maintenance services, including a meticulous restoration service by using genuine Jaguar and high-quality reproduction spare parts. In the present day, our auto repair workshop is highly renowned as a dependable choice to obtain a fully-fledged premium service for your modern Jaguar. Besides these, our diligence has outgrown to offer you genuine replacement parts purchased online at affordable prices. Shop for the best parts for your Jaguar.


Why Bring your Modern Jaguar to Our Workshop?

Jaguar Warehouse, with an extensive range of automotive services, does not disappoint our customer expectations. Our repair and maintenance services are carried out by a team of experienced people that cautiously analyses the working mechanism of your Jaguar and finds the most prudent solution for every possible problem. The correct scheduled maintenance and repair work to your Jaguar is essential and will prevent you over time from incurring unnecessary repairs bills due to lack of care. This will also improve your fuel economy and keep the vehicle running as it was intended. At Jaguar Warehouse we offer tailored maintenance packages to suit your requirements please Tel. 0207 965 7366

Collection & Delivery

We like to do everything we can to make things easy for you including taking care of all the running around. A fully insured courtesy driver will collect your car from your home or work whichever is best for you and take it to our service centre. The collection is normally between 8 am, and 10 am or an agreed time before the collection. Once the work is complete, your car can be returned to your location at a pre-arranged time.

Save ££'s Off Main Dealer Prices!

Why should you have to pay way over the odds for servicing and maintaining your car? If you're looking to save money on servicing and maintenance costs; then you can save up to 40% in many cases. That's because you get the best of both worlds, you receive quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. When you choose Jaguar Warehouse for your Servicing, you get complete peace of mind with no hidden surprises. We use genuine Jaguar quality parts unless you are on a budget where you have the choice to use quality reproduction parts. We will not undertake any service or repair work without getting your agreed permission first, as we do not want our customers to have to worry about hidden costs and charges for items and parts they don't need.

Why you should change your Oil & Filter

Every driver wants to prolong the life of their engine this is helped by a good grade of oil so that the vehicle performs better at all temperatures. Why Change the oil in your engine? Oil in the engine is an essential lubricant. If you have not had the oil in your vehicle changed for a while. Eventually, dirt will accumulate. The oil filter will remove it, however, over time dirt will clog bypassing the filter. Once it reaches this stage, the dirt in the oil becomes thick and abrasive and will not lubricate all the essential engine components, as it should. As this continues the engine will wear and then liable to fail causing internal failure resulting in serious damage and expensive repairs to rectify.


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